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"Designers of Great Coffee"
The best choice for your customer and you, offering the freshest premium coffees and dependable, expert service from our wholly family owned and operated BC company.

Modern Italian Style Coffee Roasting


At Casa del Caffé, we roast only what we need each and every week. This means that our product arrives fresh at your door. Your customers will appreciate the unmistakable aroma and flavour of freshly roasted coffee.


Exactng standards resulting from knowledge and experience gained from over 40 years in the coffee business, create the finest flavours. Our blends are the meticulous result of many hours of testing and research. We guarantee consistency so that you and your customers can expect superb tasting coffee from each and every cup.


At Casa del Caffé our beans are rigorously tested at all stages of production. Our careful monitoring begins with sourcing the very best beans and persist until we deliver you unrivalled, fresh quality coffee.

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In House Service


At Casa del Caffé, we provide you with excellent quality coffee brewing equipment. We are the sole Canadian distributors of Wega espresso machines, combining sturdy dependability and classic Italian styling.


European training, qualified technicians and years of experience give Casa del Caffé its service edge.


We have a twenty-four hour answering service for your convenience. We are fully stocked to repair most coffee brewing equipment.

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